Top Ten Reasons You Need Impact Today

1. Buying Power
2. Unlimited Capabilities
3. American Ownership
4. Asian Expertise
5. Diverse Experience

6. Comprehensive Services
7. Complete Confidentiality
8. Time & Money
9. Flexible Terms
10. Excellent Reputation

Buying Power

One of our greatest strengths is our buying power in Asia. An individual company has only its own volume and projections with which to negotiate. We negotiate with our history, reputation, and all of our clients' volume behind us. We can get raw material discounts, tooling costs waived, priority scheduling and credit terms based on our aggregate volume. Additionally, we use a supplier-bidding model, where factories essentially compete for your business. With our commission included and bidding model in place, you will receive a superior quality product at the lowest possible price.

Unlimited Capabilities

We don't own a single factory. Companies that try to work directly with a factory are limited to that factory's skills, manpower and equipment. Additionally, overhead costs that are not related to your project (e.g. excess engineering staff and equipment) are built into your price. We have unlimited access to the 200,000-plus factories throughout China, and select the most appropriate factories based on your product requirements. Our selection criteria include price, quality, reliability, specialties, production capacity, history and certifications - among others.

American Ownership

We understand the American way of doing business because we are American. While the Chinese are incredibly efficient, they can often lack the required creativity and ingenuity demanded in the development of U.S. products. We know the U.S. market and its needs. We also understand and share your sense of urgency in trying to meet the pressing demands of the American marketplace. Most important, we speak English and have a multilingual staff. This completely eliminates a common problem in doing business with Asia - the communication breakdown.

Asian Expertise

We are experts in Asian business practices, so we know how to negotiate pricing and build relationships of trust in China. Guanxi (personal relationships) and mianzi (social status) are two of the most important elements in the Chinese culture. We use our relationships, trust and reputation to create the best possible setting to conduct business. We have a fully staffed office based in Hong Kong and can manage all your manufacturing hands-on. No quality concerns, shipping delays or worries over lost containers and back-door shipments. Equally important, our team is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese and oversees every single aspect of development and production.

Diverse Experience

We have experience manufacturing a large array of products, from give-aways and premium items to motorized and electronic gadgets - from toys and clocks to household and kitchen products. We work with numerous materials including paper, plastics, metals and ceramics. We've worked with companies such as Rubbermaid and manufactured products under license by Disney and Marvel Entertainment, among others.

Comprehensive Services

We are a complete supply chain management firm. From product development to sourcing and manufacturing, we manage the whole process. This includes the early phase of concept development, engineering design and prototyping. It encompasses the tooling and production management phase. And it covers the critical end phase of quality management and timely shipping coordination.

Complete Confidentiality

We consider every item we develop and manufacture highly confidential and do not share information with non-essential personnel. Working with vendors of integrity is crucial. Knock-offs, back door shipments, and information leaks are a concern we take seriously. Our reputation was built on never having a single breach of confidentiality. Your concepts and products are safe with us.

Time & Money

When you work with us, you can stop wasting time worrying about production and focus on the growth of your business. You will also start saving money immediately. The constant expense of frequent trips to China. The financial burden of excess production staff and overhead. The high cost of manufacturing in the US. All are serious disadvantages in today's competitive marketplace and all are eliminated when you do business with us.

Flexible Terms

We offer an array of creative financing options including credit terms and the amortization of mold costs. Projects can be started with a minimum upfront investment. Product development costs can be refunded and tooling charges are often waived with volume.

Excellent Reputation

In China, you're only as good as your reputation. Impact is well known and highly regarded for our integrity and business practices. Our mission is to always deliver on our four key principles: superior quality, competitive pricing, reliable delivery and exceptional service. You won't find a better partner in China.


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